Environmental investigation


MILLER Environmental Consulting operates in all activities related to environmental investigation, including:

Environmental Assessments:

  • Due Diligence for real-estate transactions of commercial and industrial developments in conformity with ASTM E1528-14.
  • Environmental Site Assessment, through the evaluation of the quality of soil, groundwater and superficial waters, meeting the Brazilian and international technical standards ASTM E1527-13, E1903-11 and NBR 15.515.


Working accordingly to the risk-based remediation concept, we assess toxicological risk according to international norms (ASTM) and adaptations of the Brazilian environmental agencies and, whenever required, we add tridimensional numeric modeling of contaminants’ flow and transport to determine the target levels to be reached in the remediation/intervention process at that site.

Modelagem matemática:
MILLER Consulting prepares mathematical modeling of contaminants’ flow and transport using more adequate software with knowledge added with courses of update taken abroad to simulate the transport of contamination plumes.