MILLER Environmental Consulting is highly experienced in the remediation area and carries out all the phases required, from conception, project, assembling, operation, maintenance, do pilot tests and monitoring remediation systems, its experience being evidenced at dozens of sites in several locations in the Brazilian territory.

Our remediation devices are developed and adapted to each case’s specificities. Our systems are fully automated and allow clients to access remotely via the Internet and, by means of a personal password, they can check the operation of the system they have contracted in real time and view the efficiency parameters of interests, the status of the system, volumes pumped, operational backgrounds, among others. Through the CLPs (Logical-Programmable Controllers) one can program the operation of the system and of its components, thus ensuring the best performance and, consequently, the best results.

Although our pieces of equipment are fully automated, we are certain that the success of a remediation depends on constant interventions in the systems. Thus, our maintenance and control technical team makes adjustments and checks them quite often in order to make sure that the pieces of equipment continue to operate perfectly.

Our cost cutting and environmental management policy is oriented towards minimizing the generation of wastes from the remediation process. Thus, we develop treatment systems able to minimize waste generation, which leads directly to lower operating costs and fewer environmental damages.

Among the remediation techniques we usually use, there are:

  • MPE – Multi-Phase Extraction;
  • SVE – Soil Vapor Extraction;
  • Chemical Oxidation;
  • Surfactant-Enhanced Aquifer Remediation
  • Air Sparging.

Visit Below is a sample project implemented with the operation diagram and graphs: