Training courses


We prepare courses and training courses in the areas of characterization and remediation of contaminated areas. The courses are customized for clients’ needs and for trainees’ profile, from introductory and illustrative aspects to more complex training courses under a broader technical approach for professionals of the environmental area directly related to contracting, preparing invitations to bid, following up services contracted, supervising contractscroation women and Legal Department professionals.

MILLER Environmental Consulting was one of the pioneering companies to offer specialized training courses and it was contracted by SINDICOM in a program with several courses offered by that union to its associates (PETROBRAS, SHELL, IPIRANGA, CHEVRON, ESSO, AGIP, among others). After the success of those events, SINDICOM, through an agreement signed with ABEMA (Brazilian Association of the Environment Entities) sponsored those same training courses for hundreds of technicians from different environmental agencies from all over Brazil.