Investments and Research


MILLER Environmental Consulting reinvests significant part of its revenues in the company. This procedure has resulted in sustainable and independent growth, ensuring financial liquidity and avoiding costs and delays associated to fundraising. These are conditions that have contributed for the company to have access to large national and international companies which abide by strict criteria to select contractors and which demand speed, technical competence, financial health and managerial responsibility.

That is how we work, together with our clients in a responsible and safe manner and by passing this same safe environment to our employees.

As a result of an academic affinity in its Board, composed of professionals from research-oriented universities, MILLER Environmental Consulting actively participates in events related to environmental issues, taking part in committees, working group (we were part of the working group which prepared the script approved in the “Board Decision 263/2009/P” – CETESB), presenting technical papers in national and international events. We do research with our own funds as well.

Article 1

Removal of free phase diesel and gasoline in groundwater aquifer and rehabilitation of tube well

This paper presents techniques and procedures adopted and the results achieved in a project of decontaminating soil and groundwater impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, this contamination from leaks occurred at a gas fuel supply.

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Article 2

Treatability studies of groundwater in columns of activated charcoal and diffused air.

The treatment of water coming from remediation systems, before disposal, constitutes a significant cost of the remediation process component.

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Optical profiling of tubular pit depth for locating the point of input of water from the aquifer surface.